Ceresin is used as a component of lubricants, a filler for thermostats of cooling systems of internal combustion engines, an insulating material in radio and electrical engineering, impregnation for packaging materials, as part of var, a phlegmatizer for explosives, in the manufacture of candles, for the preservation of equipment and machinery. Specially purified varieties are used in the cosmetic and food industries, as well as in medicine.

PropertyTest methodsValue
Melting point, °С, min.ASTM D127 70
Oil weight percentage, %, max ASTM D7212
Kinematic viscosity, at 100 °C, mm2/s, min EN ISO 3104 10
Color, max ASTM D15002
Sulfur content, mg/kg, maxASTM D4294
GOST 32139
Penetration at 25°С, 0,1mm, max.GOST 2577125
Ash content, %, maxGOST 62450.05
Mechanical impurities weight percentage, %GOST 63700.02
Density at 20 °C, kg/m3GOST 3900Not rated. Determination is mandatory
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